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Royal Ascot Golf Club has entered into formal Reciprocal Agreements with a number of UK Golf Clubs and Royal Golf Clubs located around the world. The purpose of these Reciprocal Agreements is to provide our membership with the opportunity to experience and enjoy the courtesy of playing other courses including some of the other 62 member Royal Golf Courses located throughout the world whilst welcoming our Royal Reciprocal visitors the opportunity to enjoy the new Royal Ascot golf course. 

The list of clubs with reciprocal agreements in place is as follows.
Click the specific club name to view the club website.

United Kingdom 
Royal North Devon Golf Club, Bideford, Devon

Royal Winchester Golf Club, Winchester

Royal Eastbourne Golf Club, E Sussex

Basingstoke Golf Club, Basingstoke

Caversham Heath, Reading, Berkshire

Farnham Golf Club

North Oxford Golf Club

Sandford Springs

Studley Wood Golf Club, Horton-cum-Studley, Near Oxford

Tyrrells Wood Golf Club, Leatherhead, Surrey (Summer months only. Winter months - members guest fee applies)

West Berkshire Golf Club, Newbury, Berkshire

Weybrook Park Golf Club, Basingstoke





Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club, South Africa  
Royal Nairobi Golf Club, Nairobi, Kenya
Royal Port Alfred Golf Club, Port Alfred, South Africa  
The Country Club, Johannesburg, South Africa

Royal Colombo Golf Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka  

The Royal Adelaide Golf Club, Adelaide, South Australia  
Royal Hobart Golf Club, Tasmania, Australia  
Royal Queensland Golf Club, Queensland, Australia  
Royal Perth Golf Club, South Perth, Western Australia  

Royal Colwood Golf Club, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  
Royal Mayfair, Alberta, Canada  
The Royal Ottawa Golf Club, Quebec, Canada  
Royal Regina Golf Club, Saskatchewan, Canada  

The Royal Malta Golf Club, Malta  

Any specific terms of reference for the Agreements for each particular Royal Club will be held in the Secretary’s Office and will be made available through the Secretariat upon request. It will be greatly appreciated if any member has an interest to visit and play any of these Royal Golf Clubs that they make their intention and requests through the Club Secretary.

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