Dress Code | Royal Ascot Golf Club

Dress Code

On the course - Members and Visitors are asked to wear appropriate golf clothing and golf shoes which respects the general standards of this sport. Juniors may wear trainers or other sports shoes suitable for golf.

Some examples of inappropriate clothing can be seen below:

  • Gym gear, other sports tops or shorts including track suits
  • Cargo trousers or shorts
  • Clothing with non-golfing logos eg rock bands, football clubs
  • Caps/hats worn any way except peak forwards 


In the Clubhouse we accept smart, clean casual clothing, but ask you to leave your waterproof clothing, golf shoes and hats in the locker rooms.

If you are representing the Club in either home or away matches or a formal function, more formal attire may be required.

Golf shoes can be changed in the car park.


Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones can be used on the course, but please always have them on silent. Calls should not be taken on the course or in the clubhouse. Instead, calls can be taken on the patio or in the car park.

Club staff have the right to bring to the attention of any member or visitor the fact that their dress may not be adhering to the dress code.

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