Dress Code | Royal Ascot Golf Club

Dress Code

On Course

HeadwearTraditional golf hats or peaked caps. Caps to be worn with peaks forward.
ShirtsTraditional collared or crew neck golf shirts to be tucked into trousers, shorts, skirts or skorts at all times. Tailored waist length golf shirts need not be tucked in.
TrousersTraditional, tailored trousers, cropped trousers, shorts, skirts or skorts may be worn.
SocksSocks or anklets should be predominately white.
ShoesGolf footwear only.

Off Course

HeadwearHats and caps cannot be worn in the clubhouse.
ShirtsRegular collared shirts or crew neck golf shirts tucked into trousers at all times. Tailored waist length golf shirts may be worn over trousers, shorts, skirts or skorts.
TrousersClean, presentable denim jeans may be worn in the clubhouse (not ripped).
ShoesShoes must be worn at all times.

The following dress will not be permitted under any circumstances:

  • Tee Shirts, Football & Rugby Shirts.
  • Cargo shorts or trousers.
  • Track suits, stained ripped or torn jeans or trousers tucked into socks.
  • Clothing with bold commercial advertising.
  • Shoes may only be changed in the Car Park when the Clubhouse is closed.
  • Mobile devices must be on silent in the clubhouse; calls should be taken on the patio or in the car park.
The Club Steward or staff on duty have the right to bring to the attention of any member or visitor the fact that their dress may not be adhering to the dress code.

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